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Welcome to Kopa

Inspiring and influencing the future of DEI and workplace cultures together.

About Kopa

If you are energised by innovating and influencing the future of workplace cultures, you are welcome and belong here!

At Kopa we bring together Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) advocates and leaders from across industries and geographies to build meaningful connections, grow our capability and co-create knowledge, so that we can disrupt the ineffective ways of engaging in the DEI work, innovate the workplace cultures and influence the future together.

Together we will disrupt, co-create, shift, iterate, improve constantly and never settle for anything less than inclusive, equitable and just spaces.

Why You Should Join Us

At Kopa you will:

  • Connect with pioneering DEI Advocates and Leaders who are disrupting and innovating the way we think, talk and engage in the DEI and workplace culture work.
  • Be part of a movement of co-creating, shifting, iterating, never settling and improving constantly the current ways of facilitating DEI work. 
  • Grow your capability and DEI practice through unique connections, fresh insights and skills that will open up new possibilities for you to achieve DEI results and transformation.
  • Put Mindfulness and Wellbeing at the core of everything you do.
  • Have fun, spread joy and celebrate! 🤩

A Big Thanks

I thank every single leader who has joined Kopa and are actively contributing to reframing the way we are think, talk and engage in DEI work. Together we are shifting the Workplace Culture and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion paradigm, creating safe spaces for bold and meaningful DEI conversations and establishing a collective influence needed to mature the future of DEI practice. You are all the change makers and leaders this world needs right now!

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